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Why does this blog exist?

Hi, this is Alex 🙂 The overall philosophy of this blog is this: We recognize North America (especially the U.S.) embraced “consumer culture” decades ago. Changes to this reality are unlikely to happen in the near future. While this fact makes many of us uncomfortable, we can choose to look at the bright side. Helpful and good products that make life better by solving problems and/or saving time really and truly deserve to be lauded. If seen through an econ lens, then in theory, junky, unhelpful, inefficient products should become extinct. However, our modern tendencies to “want a better mousetrap” negate that — There are many examples. Here are just two points to consider: The constant influx of new products hoping to capture American hearts (and dollars). America is full of different types of consumers, and therefore, different markets.

As for the products we currently love buying, as well as the ones we’ll tire of, it would behoove American consumers to reach a state of strong consensus. (I guess this is one reason why corporations pay big bucks for market research!) But due to numerous reasons including the examples mentioned, this could, and likely will take longer than I’d like. Perhaps I’m not realistic, but ponder this for the next 60 seconds: Think of what brands and products are today a “household name,” then consider the cold fact that some products and brands get more credit than they deserve. Now imagine a day where some of the old names are still around, but better, alongside new darlings too – No longer do we simply think of them as household names, but deep down we’re thankful we have access to them because they honestly make our lives better. This is the consensus I hope to see; almost a “who’s who” of beloved products found in most American homes – all esteemed, all deserving. If companies have this same vision, then the smart ones will try to win our hearts. The dollars will follow. We believe Android and Twitter are becoming catalysts for a revamped “who’s who” list. (Android in the way of dependable and clever apps for everyone under the sun; and Twitter in the way of unfiltered, opinionated consumer chatter! By the way, you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter at @ggSolutions123) 🙂

We think this blog could also eventually act as a retrospective time capsule where folks years from today (e.g., students, journalists, historians, etc.) can research or reminisce fondly on the rise of Android! Yes, you read that correctly – I said THE RISE OF ANDROID. Now, don’t act surprised that I’d say something like that – I already told you I think Android is great. 🙂

We at Great Gifts believe you should spend your income on what’s helpful and good in your life. We believe if everyone shared what products they find useful and why, we can actually (and ironically) slow down consumer culture for the better. So it’s about spending wisely on quality products and services, which is the opposite of “getting stuff” for the sake of getting stuff – do you want to be cast for the show “Hoarders”? Of course you don’t – Nobody does – but accumulating stuff for the sake of “getting stuff” can lead to that. The current consensus on truly superb products needs to be strengthened so that they can become and/or remain household names.

For the tech-only mirror blog (also written by me) of Great Gifts for Guys and Girls, go to TechMania411.net

Have a great day!

Alex (Principals and P.R. professionals: Please see my press docket at http://GG.GG/WordofMouth)


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