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BABOR’s Skinovage PX (Performance Xtra)

Skinovage PX (Performance Xtra) is a superb line of innovative products from the company BABOR. Their formulations are based in science and contain two “star” ingredients. First, Alpine stem cells protect cellular DNA against light-induced and environmentally induced skin damage.

The second, OsmoTec, is a plant-derived molecular catalyst that restores the osmotic balance, thereby improving the skin’s ability to process active ingredients. And let’s face it, active ingredients are what we’re truly paying for in the world of skin care; therefore,the conditioning effect is faster and more pronounced, giving us more bang for our bucks. OsmoTec’s reservoir effect boosts the performance of the active ingredients. How absolutely wonderful! In addition, the new Skinovage PX products are free of parabens and mineral oils and have optimum skin compatibility. Like all BABOR products, Skinovage PX is manufactured in accordance with the strict pharmaceutical standards adhered to in Germany.

Skinovage PX takes account of our genetically determined skin type in addition to our skin’s current condition, which is influenced by environmental factors and stress. Those with combination skin will be pleasantly surprised with the balancing abilities of the specific products within the line made for combination skin. I’ve had combination skin for years, so I know. The frustrations of combination skin are draining – both emotionally and financially (Treating different sections of your face with different products is costly and far from pleasant!), so I recognize a quality product that can whip combination skin into shape! Visit their website at BABOR Cosmetics America


Add your own water and save money: “CocoHydro” Coconut Water Electrolyte DRINK MIX

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of nutrition 12 months a year! CocoHydro is a sensible, sustainable healthfood available for purchase through and in some states locally.

What is it, you ask? In a nut shell, or shall we say out of the coconut shell, this product’s the nutrients of coconut water minus the water! Why “minus the water?” Well, the water in coconuts looks like this: 3% nutrients, and, hold on to your seats — the rest is water! Now of course, water is obviously good for us, but considering the bigger picture, it’s smart on many levels for to remove the water (and subsequently offer us great nutrients in a very convenient form). Visit their cool website to see all the CocoHydro flavors and different insights:

CocoHydro also comes in a convenient single serve size too, perfect to bring to the office or on weekend getaways.


Soyummi – Daring to be different!

I can go on and on about these puddings named Soyummi. I’ve been a fan for quite awhile so it was an absolute pleasure to meet Joanne Hollander (founder), and her staff at the July 2012 food expo. In 2009, Joanne developed the first non-dairy, vegan rice and tapioca puddings on the market – OMG, they’re marvelously delicious and healthy. Joanne’s products are freshly produced with care as if made in your own kitchen. Only whole, minimally processed ingredients are used. Instead of refined sugar, they sweeten with non-GMO beet syrup. Look, North America has an obesity problem. We all know that – And with this awareness, Soyummi is doing its part in creating alternatives that are even better than the “not-exactly-healthy classics”. For example, if you like traditional rice pudding and you gave Soyummi’s rice pudding a try, you’d be shocked to learn it’s dairy-free. Most folks wouldn’t guess by taste alone and that says alot about the great flavors Soyummi has carefully chosen. The original Soyummi pudding recipe won the first prize in Canada in the 2003 Grand Prix (dessert/snack category). Soyummi puddings are safe for people struggling with celiac-related issues. Soyummi, for good reasons, does not use UHT sterilization (ultra high temperature sterilization) simply to extend shelf life, as so many other companies do.

The dark chocolate pudding is a must-try for any chocolate aficionado. It has a Heavenly whipped texture and in my opinion, a sophisticated taste. I once ate all four cups in one sitting – and yes, I loved every minute of it. Oh, and cocoa is healthy, as we’ve learned. What I love best is the use of non-GMO beet syrup instead of refined sugars. Beets are a low-glycemic sweetener and good for us. Soyummi is a superb food company! I wish them all the best in the world. Reach them on Facebook, Twitter or at The reason why Soyummi was created explains much of the philosophy behind this company: Joanne learned that her son was lactose-intolerant and decided to make great-tasting dairy-free foods he could eat safely.

“Crunchies”: Nature’s ultimate snack food (freeze-dried fruit and veggies)

highly recommended by this blog

Also at yesterday’s expo was a company named Crunchies. I love their freeze-dried pear snack!  It was softer than what I predicted, and that’s a good thing, because exerting effort while eating isn’t something I’m into. Tasty and nutritious, non-GMO and gluten-free. In this example, the ingredient list has only one – You guessed it!: Pears!

Visit Click on the store locator to find out where you can buy, or call them toll-free with your questions at 888-997-1866. Also available via

If you’re in charge of family meals and want to add more vegetarian dishes to the table, you might want to try a slow approach. A total and overnight change to a vegan household isn’t realistic for most people. There are ways to transition from a daily diet that’s heavy on meats to one that’s mostly vegetables. One simple tool you can try in the early stages is to use Knorr Homestyle Stock when you cook vegetables. No can opener required!

Go to to see the full product line and for recipe ideas.

mm mm! Crunchmaster® crackers

When you’ve got to have something crunchy and good for you, you need to choose carefully because there’s a lot of junk out there. Well let me tell you about Crunchmaster® crackers – This line is a delicious, natural alternative to traditional, processed wheat crackers. With a blend of nutritious, gluten-free whole grains, they’re oven-baked to a light and crispy perfection. So satisfy your crunch cravings without the guilt; they’re low in saturated fat, cholesterol free and certified gluten-free! Perfect for dips and toppings. Very delicious!

Avalon Organics peppermint hair conditioner

Nicely scented peppermint hair conditioners. At first, when this product is new to you, you might find the scent’s a little strong, then you get used to it.

What’s inside? Peppermint essential oil, babassu oil, aloe and vitamins to strengthen elasticity of weak, brittle hair while smoothing split ends and fly-aways.

Price: $10.50 each, available at small and large natural food stores, including Whole Foods.