“Almay Cleansing Lotion 1 for oily skin”

Almay skin cleansing foamThis is a very gentle, effective facial cleanser by Almay, a quality brand. Why Almay decided to call it a lotion is unclear because it’s definitely unequivocally a foam! A few pumps is all that’s necessary so one bottle lasts a long time. It’s noticeably neutral so you can even mix it with a blackhead scrub of  your choosing, creating a luxurious daily experience for your face without breaking the bank. If you let “Cleansing Lotion 1” sit on your face too long, it’s possible you’ll feel a tingle which means it’s time to rinse off. But really, this won’t happen unless it’s on for more than 4+ minutes and who forgets like that anyway? Hardly anyone, except me once, LOL. I got distracted (Don’t ask, LOL). I looked up one of the ingredients on Wikipedia – meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria). Oh my, that Wiki article was so interesting!  Essential oils! I wanna get back into EO’s! What a nice bonus – I wasn’t even aware. Wonderful product and reasonably priced at around $6.



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