Great home decor idea! ~ ~ The best solution for a lifeless wall!

If you know me personally, you know I love wrapped giclees mainly because I think the frameless look is so chic. When I’m asked for ideas on what to do with a blank wall, I always answer: “Wrapped giclees!” Well it just so happens I met the coolest company at a gift expo today named Canvas to Life (, and let me tell you, they’ve put a unique spin on the world of canvas wall art! You’ve got to visit their website – Customers can easily create personalized items with enhancement graphics – Their customization features can turn good/ordinary images into one-of-a-kind, great conversation pieces!  Your guests will be asking “Where did you get that!?”   As far as home decor trends, I predict big growth in the popularity of canvas art, and with this new service offered by, there’s every reason to love giclees.  (So now you don’t need to scour 65 pages of warehoused giclees online only to realize you “kinda sorta like” 3 or 4, but you’re not in love with any – and then on top of that, you realize you can’t even alter them. What a bummer, right?)

Canvas to Life will continue to add themed templates to their gallery to stay in-tune with what customers are asking for both artistically and as far as customer service. Explore the Expressions and PawPrints options on their website’s main page (on the left hand side of the screen.  Clicking the logo below should take you to the homepage.)   So show the world your colorful creative side! Also available: Straightforward photo-to-canvas orders with no enhancements, minor alterations (red-eye fixing, etc.), e-gift cards, black and white, sepia, frames (if you want frames), and more. This is the kind of gift I’d give myself! :)


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