Add your own water and save money: “CocoHydro” Coconut Water Electrolyte DRINK MIX

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of nutrition 12 months a year! CocoHydro is a sensible, sustainable healthfood available for purchase through and in some states locally.

What is it, you ask? In a nut shell, or shall we say out of the coconut shell, this product’s the nutrients of coconut water minus the water! Why “minus the water?” Well, the water in coconuts looks like this: 3% nutrients, and, hold on to your seats — the rest is water! Now of course, water is obviously good for us, but considering the bigger picture, it’s smart on many levels for to remove the water (and subsequently offer us great nutrients in a very convenient form). Visit their cool website to see all the CocoHydro flavors and different insights:

CocoHydro also comes in a convenient single serve size too, perfect to bring to the office or on weekend getaways.



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