BABOR’s Skinovage PX (Performance Xtra)

Skinovage PX (Performance Xtra) is a superb line of innovative products from the company BABOR. Their formulations are based in science and contain two “star” ingredients. First, Alpine stem cells protect cellular DNA against light-induced and environmentally induced skin damage.

The second, OsmoTec, is a plant-derived molecular catalyst that restores the osmotic balance, thereby improving the skin’s ability to process active ingredients. And let’s face it, active ingredients are what we’re truly paying for in the world of skin care; therefore,the conditioning effect is faster and more pronounced, giving us more bang for our bucks. OsmoTec’s reservoir effect boosts the performance of the active ingredients. How absolutely wonderful! In addition, the new Skinovage PX products are free of parabens and mineral oils and have optimum skin compatibility. Like all BABOR products, Skinovage PX is manufactured in accordance with the strict pharmaceutical standards adhered to in Germany.

Skinovage PX takes account of our genetically determined skin type in addition to our skin’s current condition, which is influenced by environmental factors and stress. Those with combination skin will be pleasantly surprised with the balancing abilities of the specific products within the line made for combination skin. I’ve had combination skin for years, so I know. The frustrations of combination skin are draining – both emotionally and financially (Treating different sections of your face with different products is costly and far from pleasant!), so I recognize a quality product that can whip combination skin into shape! Visit their website at BABOR Cosmetics America



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