Gifts that help and make a difference, part 1

Do you have fitness fanatics in your family? Or maybe someone you care about is just starting the battle of the bulge and he/she is considering running as a smart way to start. Well, both types of runner will appreciate these convenient belts made by iFitness, Inc. This company’s mission has been to create the most comfortable and high performance running accessories. Legendary marathon runner and Olympian Jeff Galloway says “iFitness running belts are the absolute best in the market.” Made with water-resistant neoprene material, these belts make it easy for runners to carry their phone, keys, etc. without bouncing or chafing. iFitness products (and not just the belts!) have become a fan favorite of athletes and non-athletes alike. Feel like wearing one to the mall? Go right ahead! Also available: Add-ons for customization, gift certificates too.

Just some examples (Be sure to take a look at iFitness’s Special Edition items too)

iFitness, Inc. has renewed its vow to help defeat breast cancer, and I’m delighted to report that iFitness belts are once again the Official Running Belt of  “26.2 with Donna”, The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer. iFitness CEO Shify Pomerantz said “We are delighted to renew our commitment to 26.2 with Donna for the third straight year.” In keeping with the cause, iFitness has created three Special Edition 26.2 with Donna running belts (click on the special pink iFitness belt image to be taken to the iFitness site). So show your support and run breast cancer out of town!



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