Manhattan gets its own ALDI

ATTENTION: Folks living in or around Spanish Harlem, the UES, Harlem, etc., you ought to know how lucky you are! Let me add to that: You ought to know how really lucky you are! ALDI has opened a store right beside Target at 517 East 117th Street (part of East River Plaza)! This store is clean and spacious with fast checkout! I’ve yet to try all the groceries I brought home, but what I’ve tasted so far has been really good. To ensure ALDI exclusive brands meet or exceed well-known national brands on taste & quality, ALDI conducts rigorous testing on all products (see the image here). The East Harlem location will be open 7 days a week and accepts debit and EBT cards; and cash too, of course.  (Note: Don’t try paying using a credit card – Credit cards aren’t accepted at ALDI! –  Cards must be debit type cards or in EBT form. The store hours are not 24 hours, but as mentioned already, the store is open 7 days a week.) Take a look at the happy ribbon-cutting ceremony I captured on video: ALDI ribbon-cutting Grand opening (NYC/Manhattan), October 2012

Other current NYC ALDI locations include Junction Boulevard in Rego Park and Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. (An upcoming opening is planned for late 2013 on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn) So get to know ALDI and start saving! Word-of-mouth will spread about this particular store. How do I know? Easy – Any way we slice it, food is something we need daily, so the sooner you start saving, the sooner those dollars and cents add up and you’ll notice more food in your refrigerator & pantry and/or more cash in your wallet. ALDI operates more than 1,200 stores in 32 states, spanning largely from Kansas to the East Coast. Americans are loving the ALDI experience! When it comes to low-priced groceries, ALDI takes the top spot (for the second year in a row now) according to a study by Market Force. If you’re shopping and you feel you’re forced to make decisions about quality or price, ALDI says “Choose both!” That’s what I call a solution!!! 🙂

The best way I feel to get to ALDI on foot is: Walk as far east on 117th Street until you hit the up escalator. Take the escalator up one flight, then walk straight (less than 200 feet) to the entrance. Want more pictures? Here you go!

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