Amazing Grass®, a customer favorite for years, makes premium organic superfoods in convenient form for busy people!

Natural foods pioneer Amazing Grass® has expanded its popular line of organic Green SuperFood whole food energy bars by adding two NEW flavors: Chocolate Chip Coconut and Sweet & Savory Almond. During a healthfood expo I visited this week, I learned the unique combination of alkalizing Green SuperFood Powder with antioxidant fruits plus veggies combat hunger pangs and sluggishness the natural way: Nourishing us with unprocessed ingredients straight from nature, always organic, whole and bioavailable. When you combine the right flavors, natural whole foods become amazing and literally IRRESISTIBLE. When your body talks to you, you ought to listen and go for both nutrition and flavor. The creative minds behind Amazing Grass are pretty much flavor experts in my opinion. I say this because I was given a sneak preview taste sampling of the new flavors (available January 2013), in addition to a lot of  their current health products (see images here), and I was very impressed right on the spot. I sincerely wanted to eat up all the samples on the table – Really, I did.  I expect the new additions to be fan favorites because the flavors truly reminded me of two of my childhood favorite snacks (the notorious processed ones handed out on Halloween), which were, unfortunately, irresistible too, but in a white sugary, processed, laden-with-suspect ingredients way! The folks at Amazing Grass have, in my opinion, replicated the flavors of two of my sinfully delicious old childhood favorites. Actually, way better, so thanks, I say. My taste buds are very picky, so I know – Wiser and older now too, LOL. Visit the company website at

If you think “Well, it’s just grass; how can grass be ‘amazing’?”, please hear them explain why their wheatgrass is more potent by viewing this short video on wheatgrass planting and harvesting:   AmazingGrass explains it all (YouTube video, >2 minutes)


Read more about the people behind this company: Click here


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