Hydrate AND repair with Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Renewal night cream

You work hard all day; shouldn’t your beauty products work equally hard for you all night? Elizabeth Grant says yes – Torricelumn™, a superb moisturizing compound used by Elizabeth Grant, is clinically tested to boost hydration levels in skin. As we know, consistent hydration facilitates a smoother and healthier state for our faces – But Elizabeth Grant has given Torricelumn great supporting stars too 🙂 Bio-engineered Marine stem cells assist our skin’s inclination and preference for natural repair. This is nice news for those who feel their skin tries on its own to best cope with daily stressors, but instinctively you know your complexion needs a high-end system of defense.

Mediterranean myrtle extract serves as a powerful peptide, limiting the degradation of skin tissues.

Overall, skin feels protected/nurtured with continued use. In summary, 20 natural extracts, vitamins and enzymes help repair skin all night from the damaging effects of pollution, recognized as the second most important contributor to skin aging after sun exposure. Click the product image to be taken to Elizabeth Grant’s website!




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