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Review of 2 algophyte/algae masks from Elizabeth Grant

1. Radiance Mask (red algae) – I found this product to be a good smoother with its very subtle, ultra-fine grit. The barely-there grit can hardly be felt when applying, and I don’t feel it at all on removal. I’ve always been okay with that anyhow, so it’s fine. The semi-sweet scent is very heavenly, doesn’t linger (actually, you’d be thrilled if it did!) and was a huge surprise!! I guess I really didn’t know what to expect. Also felt a nourishing feel (yes, a physical sensation together with a more abstract sensation – A “vibesation?”) from this mask formula. Give credit to the algae? My guess is yes.  I think a Californian might say, a “good energy/vibration” came through. If you know someone who loves marine extracts in their skincare, you can surprise them with this as a thoughtful gift! Designed to refresh and energize the complexion, this easy-to-use mask provides your face with moist and soothing care, with a radiance-boosting effect.  Red Algae Extract increases cell turnover to encourage youthful glow  Click to see price of the Radiance Mask with Red algae 100 mL

2. Anti-aging Mask (black algae) – Great compliment to the red algae mask. I absolutely love the black algae mask on days I want zero grit. For me, that’s 3-4 times a week. Lovely luxurious gel feel – It reminds me of a healing salve. No tingle, no grit, no scent. Will it stain your towels? Well, that I don’t know because I use disposable towelettes, which did turn a light purple hue, so that is something you oughta know I suppose. Just do what I do (or use a purple face towel and/or wash right away is my guess). Wonderful, wonderful product. Click to see price of the Anti-aging Mask with Black algae 100 mL

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