Staples® provides solutions to declutter and get your act together in 2013

paper-shredding services by Staples save you time

paper-shredding services by Staples save you time

Are you starting 2013 on the wrong foot with last year’s clutter and the same-old-same-old inability to find things, etc? You know, the clutter and frustration you said you were gonna get rid of by New Year’s Day? Well, that deadline has come and gone and February is a breath away. It’s really time to stick to your resolution and make neatness a reality because let’s face it – You resolved to be better about these things because your instinct told you it’s good for you, for your family and your finances. Staples® has made something as simple (but necessary and plain dreadfully boring) as shredding papers (especially the ones that contain personal information) easier than ever. Just bring your documents to Staples and Staples and their partner Iron Mountain will shred them for 79 cents per pound. Let’s hope you don’t have your own “mountain” of junk papers, but honestly, if you do, don’t feel overwhelmed. Staples’ approaches are very solution-oriented with a healthy dose of convenience and mental peace of mind. And in the process, you might as well add some visual flair too. I believe a nice-looking workspace can help clear the mind, so ideas flow better and self-reminders too. You know, the memory between your ears that’s not on a “chip”! Take a look at these cool Martha Stewart and Arc office supplies.

Martha's at Staples!

Martha’s at Staples!




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