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33 years of groundbreaking research

anti-aging products available retail and via LEF.orgHow is it that a simple mushroom can have such wide-ranging health effects? Keep in mind that there isn’t one single cause of aging and disease. Numerous factors contribute to these conditions—meaning that in order to combat them, you need to fight them from a multi-targeted approach. What makes Reishi mushroom beneficial to so many varied aspects of your health is its actions on many different targets in your body.

Reishi extracts are known to: Protect cellular DNA from oxidant damage that causes aging and cancer.

Protect mitochondrial DNA and the mitochondria themselves from oxidant damage that weakens their energy-producing abilities and makes them inefficient, another major cause of aging.
Increase levels and activity of a large suite of natural intracellular antioxidant molecules, resulting in reduced oxidation of cell membranes and organelles that lead to aging and its related diseases.
Protect kidney tubule cells from oxidant damage that leads to kidney failure.
Increase expression of a key longevity gene and promote an increased life span in mammals and other organisms.
Several studies have shown that Reishi is one of the most powerful mushrooms with regard to antioxidant characteristics.


Did you know? Before most regular people ever even heard of coenzyme Q10, melatonin and DHEA, Life Extension performed the crucial research on these products and ultimately helped to make them available to us over-the-counter. In the past seven years, they have funded over $21 million in research through affiliations with such esteemed institutions as U.C. Berkeley and Mt. Sinai Medical Center. In 2004, Life Extension scientists were awarded a $900,000 grant to continue pioneering work, and collaborated with BioMarker Pharmaceuticals and scientists at the National Cancer Institute to develop new anti-aging and anti-cancer therapies. Life Extension has a wide array of anti-aging options and, in uncovering the newest science and research insights, they have a history of being several steps ahead of the competition, and in many cases, ahead of the mainstream medical establishment! Click this link to see a summary of some of their many “firsts” over the last 30+ years! Learn more or find retail locations by visiting them at You can also order their supplements directly online. Clicking the Reishi image above will also take you to the Life Extension site.

About Life Extension: The Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding new scientific methods to enhance and expand the healthy human life span. It funds research programs aimed at developing new anti-aging therapies and combating such age-related killers as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. The Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club is a separate corporation that promotes, sells, and distributes the most scientifically advanced health supplements on the market. It offers a full range of premium-quality vitamins, minerals, and hormones as well as unique, specially-made formulas. Life Extension products are developed based on the latest scientific studies from peer-reviewed medical journals and are continually updated as new information occurs. A portion of every purchase from the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club goes to fund anti-aging research. Life Extension Magazine® is a monthly publication of the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club. With a readership of over 350,000, it provides coverage of new discoveries involving anti-aging supplements. In addition, the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club supports such innovative services as a toll-free Health Advisor hotline and a unique mail-order blood lab. To round out its offering of health services, Life Extension Pharmacy, Inc., established in 2006, offers its customers access to quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices, particularly on generic drugs that are priced often below insurance co-pays