Gehwol products bring relief and pampering to your feet!

There are several types, not just one!

As a village pharmacist catering to the needs of alpine hikers and farmers, Eduard Gerlach understood how extremely painful sore feet can be. He was able to successfully mix fundamental substances such as potassium carbonate, unsaturated fatty acids, mineral based lubricants and disinfecting essential oils to create “E.Gerlach’s Preservative Cream”, the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments. Edward Gerlach received numerous international honors for his “Preservative Cream”, nowadays known as Gehwol Foot Cream! If your feet could email you, they would ask for this gift! Apply cream approximately 1 mm thick, then cover with thick socks. If going out, use strong footwear.

Visit the Gehwol website. Your feet will thank you!



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