Homemade iced tea courtesy of Takeya

so healthy too

so healthy too

If you’re similar to me in drinking iced tea anytime, 12 months a year whenever you feel like it, you’ll be glad to know you can make great tasting fresh brewed whole leaf iced tea in minutes and keep it cold longer. The Takeya Flash Chill® Iced Tea beverage system brews, chills, serves and stores whole leaf iced tea in just one pitcher. The premium rotating Tea Infuser expertly brews loose leaf tea or tea bags, providing the tea leaves with ample room to expand and bloom in the hot water. The Thermo Jacket is made with neoprene (like a wetsuit) to insulate the Flash Chill Tea Maker and lock in the cold and absorb condensation, protecting household surfaces. Unlike bottled and canned teas, Takeya’s Flash Chill method is fresh and natural, eco-friendly, and saves you money.


– 2 quart Flash Chill Tea Maker makes about 8 glasses of iced tea
– clean & easy, put Takeya pre-measured tea in infuser, brew, chill, & serve
– airtight, twist lid locks in freshness and flavor
– large, removable infuser enhances and extracts full flavor
– includes Thermo Jacket that zips around pitcher to lock in the cold
– Thermo Jacket absorbs condensation, protecting household surfaces
– includes Infuser Holder
– stain, cloud, and odor proof
– durable, high temperature acrylic with glass-like clarity
– leak-proof, can store on it’s side
– dishwasher safe and shatterproof
– interchangeable accessories available

Watch the how-to video online http://www.youtube.com/embed/vPswL2rl1gE

or read more at: http://www.takeyausa.com and the hands-on review in Good Housekeeping too!



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