Solutions for a hard night of drinking, daily low energy, etc


I wish I had known about these tablets when I was younger, meaning when I was more into social drinking. These are to be taken before you go to bed, so please don’t get so hammered that you can’t remember to do that. The whole point of these Drinkin’ Mate™ tabs is to not wake up feeling nasty and far from ‘your best’, to use polite words. For moms who assemble and ship ‘care packages’ for older “kids” (meaning those over 21), this would be a cute addition, sort of like a gift with a mom’s “wink wink” attached. I do like guava fruit, but I had no idea the leaves had helpful properties. The maker, Ameriwell, also makes bariatric vitamins and minerals which are critically important for the lasting success of weight loss surgery. Whether a patient has had Gastric Banding, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy or Duodenal Switch, great tasting and high quality supplements are hard to come by. Ameriwell Bariatric™ supplements are affordable, high quality and easy to absorb. The 1500mg Calcium plus Vitamin D3 fast-dissolving powder and multivitamin and mineral gelatin tablets are innovative. Ameriwell Bariatrics began in 2009, when the company’s head chemist became increasingly frustrated by the lack of innovation and variety in bariatric supplements. His wife wife had just undergone a gastric banding procedure, and watching her struggle with bloating and vomiting every time she took her supplements was unbearable.

Ameriwell Energy is a product with Taurine, B-vitamins and enough caffeine to keep you moving throughout your day. Another thing worth noting is that it’s sugar-free. Another product, the All-Natural Guava Life product, is a blend of patented, Natural Wild Guava Leaf Extract, Resveratrol, Taurine and Vitamins C, B6 & D, it’s perfect for daily use.  Ameriwell™ also offers 9 fun-filled flavors of Fizzies® – America’s Original Candy Beverage.  These colorful retro drink tablets are a great sugar-free treat and deliver 100% DV of Vitamin C.  Keep up with news from the company by visiting and on Twitter at

Dissolving Tablet in Glass with Orange FruitOrange Flavored Dissolving Tablet in Glassguaforword2 🙂



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