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Sprout Watches are eco-friendly, look great and chosen by the Accessories Council as a gift idea

Selected on April 29th by the fashion industry’s Accessories Council for 2013 gift ideas, these delightful pieces by Sprout Watches are full of personality, and they’re eco-friendly! What goes into them and how nice they end up looking are testaments to how far the eco-conscious movement has come.  Sprout made choices at the company level to be a new kind of “materialistic”, reclaiming the word as their own, ultimately guided by ethical choices in materials: From corn resin, conflict-free diamonds, bamboo and cork, to recycled content in their packaging, the theme’s clear. This lovely piece featured here with the beautiful tree motif says it all! With Sprout, the traditional art of watch-making has been merged with an eye for design, plus an entrepreneurial zest – So in addition to the actual watches, the free-thinking, eco-forward spirit of the people at Sprout Watches are the cool essence of this brand. They make watches for women, men, teens/tweens, and even little kids who are learning how to tell time. Some are even water resistant to 165 feet. (To be sure the model you choose is water resistant, always check the product description.)  And it’s not just watches. Visit their website to see other cool items like the adorable multi-color owl bag made out of recycled plastic bottles! Truthful, transparent and to the point – Sprout combined philosophy with action and set out to give consumers the power of choice – because it’s all about choice.

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Smartphone review of the LG Venice

LG-Veniceguest authorI finally caved in and said goodbye to the old dumb phone for a smartphone. Hey, I know I’m late on this bandwagon, please don’t judge. 🙂 With me, change takes time, especially when you’re so busy you need more than 24 hours in a day. I just started getting into gizmos, gadgets and techie stuff but if you guessed that I’m both excited and already addicted, you’re right – I am. I decided on the LG Venice and I have to say it was a homerun decision. Let me start off by saying the price was right. It was under $200 (or free, if you went with a contract). It has a Gorilla Glass screen which is great because I have little ones – so when they “accidentally” drop the phone I don’t need to clutch the pearls in fear of a heart attack thinking they possibly broke my phone. I find the LG Venice sleek, thin, and easy to carry anywhere when I go out. The screen is bright and big enough to enjoy watching content.

The Venice has a cool memo writing feature, but honestly I don’t use it much. It does come in handy if you need to take a quick note and you don’t have a paper and pen around. The camera is perfect in my opinion – the pictures come out clear and it’s easy to use. From what I know so far about smartphones, the LG Venice does most things that a number of those expensive Apple iPhones can, without the huge price tag. While I’m not used to the rectangle shape as it feels uncomfortable in my hands from time to time, I think I’ll eventually get used to it. There are only two downsides to this phone in my opinion, one being the battery dies fast – so take a charger wherever you go. The other is that it’s tricky to open the phone to take the battery out of the back. Other than that, I love my new phone! I know it was a good buy. Even so, I gotta admit – I already have my eye on that Samsung S4, so let’s see what happens with all that. Already saving my pennies, nickels, and dimes for whatever’s next, whether it’s the S4 or something different. As a brand new enthusiast of smartphones, I’m already dreaming of what’s next for me, so lo and behold I’m starting off on the right foot! 🙂 Seriously though, I just can’t get enough of these phones. I really didn’t expect the experience to be this good. It’s like a whole new world.

“Tip or Skip” shopping discovery game lets you discover new products in a fun way!

Tip or Skip is a shopping discovery game where players submit photos of clothing, tech gadgets, home decor, food, art, etc found on other websites or in your smartphone or computer. Often you can click on relevant shopping information such as price and store location on every photo. The site is akin to a “hot-or-not”-style game for people who love to shop. For pictures taken from other websites, a “Tip it” bookmarking tool grabs the price and retailer’s URL. Tip or Skip players can also snap pictures of products at local stores and include Foursquare data or drop a pin on a map to show where to buy in real life (if you don’t feel like buying onilne. With clothes, this is often the case).


To get people into stores, Tip or Skip is looking to Apple’s Passbook feature. For example, if you tipped a shirt at the Gap, Tip or Skip will use Passbook’s geo notifications to coax you to buy it the next time you pass by a Gap store. The app will also sense nearby deals on items you’ve tipped, persuading you to enter physical stores by pinging you. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether to buy online or in a real store.


Velodyne Acoustics partners with APW Brands – It’s all about creative expression and the love of music!

APW Brands will now carry Velodyne’s vFree Bluetooth wireless headphones, vPulse in-ear headphones, and vTrue studio high-performance headphones. Velodyne currently offers 35 choices of art skins for their vFree and vLeve headphones and will design custom art skins in the coming weeks. Music-lovers can buy these starting in a few months (and during special holidays). They’re available only through APW Brands.

Velodyne music headphones

APW is also launching Velodyne’s newest, the vQuiet active noise-cancelling headphones. The patented circuit board in the vQuiet is unique to Velodyne and cancels out unwanted noise such as jet engines while preserving the full bass and pure middle tones of music.

The companies’ first joint event will take place at the new APW Brands Store at San Francisco Airport. Velodyne President Marta Hall says the headphones are uniquely personal. “Unlike simply changing the headband color, the skins change the headphone’s actual look and style. We are designing many skins inspired by art history and music album art of the 60’s, combined with today’s style. I believe people are hungry to express themselves and identify with artistic expression.”

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