“Tip or Skip” shopping discovery game

tiporskip.com lets you discover new products in a fun way!

Tip or Skip is a shopping discovery game where players submit photos of clothing, tech gadgets, home decor, food, art, etc found on other websites or in your smartphone or computer. Often you can click on relevant shopping information such as price and store location on every photo. The site is akin to a “hot-or-not”-style game for people who love to shop. For pictures taken from other websites, a “Tip it” bookmarking tool grabs the price and retailer’s URL. Tip or Skip players can also snap pictures of products at local stores and include Foursquare data or drop a pin on a map to show where to buy in real life (if you don’t feel like buying onilne. With clothes, this is often the case).


To get people into stores, Tip or Skip is looking to Apple’s Passbook feature. For example, if you tipped a shirt at the Gap, Tip or Skip will use Passbook’s geo notifications to coax you to buy it the next time you pass by a Gap store. The app will also sense nearby deals on items you’ve tipped, persuading you to enter physical stores by pinging you. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether to buy online or in a real store.

via Wired.com


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