Velodyne Acoustics partners with APW Brands – It’s all about creative expression and the love of music!

APW Brands will now carry Velodyne’s vFree Bluetooth wireless headphones, vPulse in-ear headphones, and vTrue studio high-performance headphones. Velodyne currently offers 35 choices of art skins for their vFree and vLeve headphones and will design custom art skins in the coming weeks. Music-lovers can buy these starting in a few months (and during special holidays). They’re available only through APW Brands.

Velodyne music headphones

APW is also launching Velodyne’s newest, the vQuiet active noise-cancelling headphones. The patented circuit board in the vQuiet is unique to Velodyne and cancels out unwanted noise such as jet engines while preserving the full bass and pure middle tones of music.

The companies’ first joint event will take place at the new APW Brands Store at San Francisco Airport. Velodyne President Marta Hall says the headphones are uniquely personal. “Unlike simply changing the headband color, the skins change the headphone’s actual look and style. We are designing many skins inspired by art history and music album art of the 60’s, combined with today’s style. I believe people are hungry to express themselves and identify with artistic expression.”

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