Sprout Watches are eco-friendly, look great and chosen by the Accessories Council as a gift idea

Selected on April 29th by the fashion industry’s Accessories Council for 2013 gift ideas, these delightful pieces by Sprout Watches are full of personality, and they’re eco-friendly! What goes into them and how nice they end up looking are testaments to how far the eco-conscious movement has come.  Sprout made choices at the company level to be a new kind of “materialistic”, reclaiming the word as their own, ultimately guided by ethical choices in materials: From corn resin, conflict-free diamonds, bamboo and cork, to recycled content in their packaging, the theme’s clear. This lovely piece featured here with the beautiful tree motif says it all! With Sprout, the traditional art of watch-making has been merged with an eye for design, plus an entrepreneurial zest – So in addition to the actual watches, the free-thinking, eco-forward spirit of the people at Sprout Watches are the cool essence of this brand. They make watches for women, men, teens/tweens, and even little kids who are learning how to tell time. Some are even water resistant to 165 feet. (To be sure the model you choose is water resistant, always check the product description.)  And it’s not just watches. Visit their website to see other cool items like the adorable multi-color owl bag made out of recycled plastic bottles! Truthful, transparent and to the point – Sprout combined philosophy with action and set out to give consumers the power of choice – because it’s all about choice.

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