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Damp Rid 10.5 ounce refillable moisture absorber

This moisture control product is such a tremendous help in the bathroom. It’s a must-have for any neatnik, in my opinion. I’ve been using this since about 2001-2002. I cringe if I imagine my home without it. I Refillable Moisture Absorbermean, who wants to walk into a damp, uncomfortable bathroom? Bathrooms like that make me feel icky and wanna walk out as soon as possible. Damp Rid also makes a bunch of other anti-moisture products but I haven’t tried them. If you click on the pic, it should take you to Damp Rid’s website where you’ll find videos on how to use the various products. I assume these could be good for general use in humid Florida, the Deep South, Seattle, etc. Anyone know?



Wonderful duster meant for cleaning under the refrigerator, but you can use it to sweep your hard floors too. You need to crouch down for either task, of course. When doing floors, I like to stack 3 on top of each other to give it a heavy feel (doing this makes me go slightly slower – often a good thing when it comes to dusting), then I go to war on floor dust, tracked cat litter, etc. It also snags dust bunnies under the sofa. Vacuuming the dusters is really easy as long as you keep the felt fabric on the spine while you vacuum; then remove the fabric from the plastic spine (slide it off) and finally they get tossed into the washing machine! Superb product and very, very affordable. It always gets good reviews on the internet. You can find it on and other sites by searching flexible duster or felt flexible duster or long reach duster. I’m not sure who the manufacturer is; iirc, it’s Unger, who also makes a short version too –about half the size of the long-reach version called the short-reach duster. I’ll likely buy that too.

Lysol Dual Action Wipes

One side has scrubbing fibers, the other side’s smooth! The scrubbing side is great for kitchen and bathroom needs. Super convenient. When I’m shopping for supplies, my heart practically goes pitter-patter when I see this purple-topped lysoldaw2container. Whoever came up with this product deserves a gold medal …or something… If you’re worried about residue from the wipes, I would simply suggest a quick wipedown with tap water on a paper towel. Another convenient Lysol product is a classic and needs no special page of its own – Lysol spray – great for the bathroom and other uses. For example, it’s convenient to spray vacuum filters – just don’t go nutso. If you’re out of wipes, use Lysol spray to spray the top and underside of a toilet seat, then wipe with a dry paper towel, then finish off with tap water on a second paper towel. Just some examples.


Hefty Big Bags

Another great product. I have 2 Big Bags marked “computer stuff” and as you can guess, all items related to my laptop are in there, e.g., cables, instruction manuals, basically any computer-ish nicknack, gizmo or doodad. Just toss stuff in, seal it and stash it out of view. Everything Hefty Big Bagsstays together as one cozy “gizmo family”. Oh yeah, label the bags if you want, but that’s optional since you can see through them. Since my home office is tiny, I have another Big Bag filled with index cards, extra pens, Post-it’s, etc. That’s my “office stuff” bag. I also have one for typical hardware, e.g., extension cords, hammer, nails; and one for “crafts and decor”. So if you have 5 hobbies, it would behoove you to get at least 5 bags. 6 hobbies, 6 bags, and so on. The only negative is they’re not easy to stack, but they’re very helpful.

Sticky Sheets – Best Pet Hair Removal Product

What a superb product. Works wonders. I also have the Pledge Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair, but I hardly ever touch it. Gimme my Sticky Sheets. Click on either pic and you’ll be redirected to the Sticky Sheets website.

StickySheets sssuperb

Express cleaning of the refrigerator

I suggest Lysol Dual Action wipes and finally wipe everything down with microfiber and tap water. Rinse the microfiber as necessary depending on how large your refrigerator is. If there are sticky messes to contend with first, let a paper towel rest on the spot for 15 minutes. The paper towel should be moistened with soap or vinegar and not too wet. Or if you don’t want to bother with all that, then use a dollop of shaving cream (Just remember to wipe up within 90 minutes). Remove the paper towel and clean the spots with microfiber. Change to a new microfiber cloth for the final overall wipedown. You can also add inexpensive rigid placemats on top of your refrigerator’s wire shelving. This will allow you to remove the placemats for individual cleaning, keeping the wire shelving cleaner and less tricky to clean. You can shop for these at dollar stores, Kmart-type stores, etc.  I’m not certain of the purpose of wire shelving in refrigerators – I think it’s to make the best of air flow.   If you’re particularly concerned about air flow in your refrigerator, then you might want to leave things as is.

Tack cloths: What are they?

Tack cloths are used in woodshops to remove fine sawdust and other tiny particles.  Tack cloths are extremely important in woodworking.  Many manufacturers also use them. Which brings us to the question – Are they for home use?  The fast answer is “no, not really”, but this blog celebrates thinking outside the box, so the second part of the answer is yes, they can be used for home dusting.  That chaotic mass of wires behind the TV and satellite/cable box can now be dusted with ease!    Dusting is sometimes even found listed on packaging – not always, but sometimes.  You’ll want to use gloves because tack cloth feels rather icky on your skin. Also, because of that, it’s important to be light-handed. Avoid pressure/rubbing. Whisk, whisk, lightly whisk. You’ll notice they often look very similar to cheesecloth. Tack cloths aren’t exactly earth-friendly because they can’t be reused, so use them wisely.