Sandwich maker’s gloves

fsgulineNot just for sandwiches 🙂 These get used daily around here. They can even be used under your standard yellow gloves – good news if you don’t like the feeling of powdered gloves. I guess you can call these “cafeteria gloves” or “school lunch gloves” or “food court gloves” – but saying “sandwich maker’s gloves” provides the best mental image, I think. On they’re called poly food service gloves and clicking the pic should take you to the website. Use these to load the dishwasher, move potted plants to sunlight, scoop the cat litter, etc. (you can double-up or triple-up if you want)  There’s also the option for elbow-length but I haven’t found myself in need of that. My mom got me into these. If someone’s trying to beat OCD, don’t let them get addicted to these gloves – unless they want to board the express train to Crazyland.

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