Express cleaning of the refrigerator

I suggest Lysol Dual Action wipes and finally wipe everything down with microfiber and tap water. Rinse the microfiber as necessary depending on how large your refrigerator is. If there are sticky messes to contend with first, let a paper towel rest on the spot for 15 minutes. The paper towel should be moistened with soap or vinegar and not too wet. Or if you don’t want to bother with all that, then use a dollop of shaving cream (Just remember to wipe up within 90 minutes). Remove the paper towel and clean the spots with microfiber. Change to a new microfiber cloth for the final overall wipedown. You can also add inexpensive rigid placemats on top of your refrigerator’s wire shelving. This will allow you to remove the placemats for individual cleaning, keeping the wire shelving cleaner and less tricky to clean. You can shop for these at dollar stores, Kmart-type stores, etc.  I’m not certain of the purpose of wire shelving in refrigerators – I think it’s to make the best of air flow.   If you’re particularly concerned about air flow in your refrigerator, then you might want to leave things as is.


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