Tack cloths: What are they?

Tack cloths are used in woodshops to remove fine sawdust and other tiny particles.  Tack cloths are extremely important in woodworking.  Many manufacturers also use them. Which brings us to the question – Are they for home use?  The fast answer is “no, not really”, but this blog celebrates thinking outside the box, so the second part of the answer is yes, they can be used for home dusting.  That chaotic mass of wires behind the TV and satellite/cable box can now be dusted with ease!    Dusting is sometimes even found listed on packaging – not always, but sometimes.  You’ll want to use gloves because tack cloth feels rather icky on your skin. Also, because of that, it’s important to be light-handed. Avoid pressure/rubbing. Whisk, whisk, lightly whisk. You’ll notice they often look very similar to cheesecloth. Tack cloths aren’t exactly earth-friendly because they can’t be reused, so use them wisely.


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