Hefty Big Bags

Another great product. I have 2 Big Bags marked “computer stuff” and as you can guess, all items related to my laptop are in there, e.g., cables, instruction manuals, basically any computer-ish nicknack, gizmo or doodad. Just toss stuff in, seal it and stash it out of view. Everything Hefty Big Bagsstays together as one cozy “gizmo family”. Oh yeah, label the bags if you want, but that’s optional since you can see through them. Since my home office is tiny, I have another Big Bag filled with index cards, extra pens, Post-it’s, etc. That’s my “office stuff” bag. I also have one for typical hardware, e.g., extension cords, hammer, nails; and one for “crafts and decor”. So if you have 5 hobbies, it would behoove you to get at least 5 bags. 6 hobbies, 6 bags, and so on. The only negative is they’re not easy to stack, but they’re very helpful.

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