Lysol Dual Action Wipes

One side has scrubbing fibers, the other side’s smooth! The scrubbing side is great for kitchen and bathroom needs. Super convenient. When I’m shopping for supplies, my heart practically goes pitter-patter when I see this purple-topped lysoldaw2container. Whoever came up with this product deserves a gold medal …or something… If you’re worried about residue from the wipes, I would simply suggest a quick wipedown with tap water on a paper towel. Another convenient Lysol product is a classic and needs no special page of its own – Lysol spray – great for the bathroom and other uses. For example, it’s convenient to spray vacuum filters – just don’t go nutso. If you’re out of wipes, use Lysol spray to spray the top and underside of a toilet seat, then wipe with a dry paper towel, then finish off with tap water on a second paper towel. Just some examples.



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