Did you know? CLR has a special jewelry cleaner

CLR gives your home the gift of cleanliness

I wasn’t aware there were other products made by the makers of CLR – you know that gray bottle you buy to remove calcium, lime and rust.

Power Plumber is a pressurized gas that clears the toughest clogs. Rated the #2 best drain cleaner in 2006. Also comes in a kit.

Septic Treatment and Drain Care is a groundbreaking septic product recognized by the EPA for using safer chemistry. Working instantly, it can be used anytime of the day or night, in any sink or drain without waiting. This can also be used as a maintenance product in boats and RV’s.

For the “front of the house”, there’s the Tarn-X line, including the Jewelry Cleaner. In summary, CLR and Tarn-X have been industry leaders in cleaning for nearly 20 years, offering a wide selection of products. A handful are mentioned here, so take a look at the entire family of CLR and Tarn-X products to help you inside and outside your home, garage/shop, etc. To understand how these products can save you hours of preventable hassle, go to: Jelmar’s website then watch the 1-minute video.

Also: shopCLR.com

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