Wedding Gift Lists For Couples Who Have Everything

In this modern, unconventional day and age, it’s very rare to find a couple who are getting married and don’t already live together and have all the house items they need, many of whom have children too. If you’re one of these people you’ll understand the annoyance of when people ask what to buy you for your wedding gift and you simply can’t give a sensible answer like ‘coordinating hand towels’, ‘novelty knife rack’ or ‘champagne glasses’.

You’ve got the lazy couples that opt for just a cash or cheque donation towards their honeymoon or perhaps some drastic home improvement that they’d never otherwise be able to save up for on their own. You’ve also got well-meaning couples that are a little more selfless and suggest that you give your hard-earned money to a charity of yours or their choice – a nice idea in theory, but wedding guests usually like to be able to physically give something on the big day.

Here are some ideas if you’re stuck for what to suggest to your guests:


A Posh Experience Gift

Think of something unusual that you’ve never done before, something that you’d never actually pay for yourself because of its unnecessary extravagance. Perhaps a cocktail making session, a caviar and Champagne tasting session, or a perfume designing afternoon. Each of these is a great, ‘coupley’ experience that will provide fun as well as an opportunity to make a weekend of it. Book yourselves into a pretty spa hotel and pamper yourselves silly.

An Elegant Keepsake Gift

No longer reserved exclusively for the rich and famous, a beautiful fine bone china set would add a magical touch to your home and is something that can be passed down your family lineage for generations. Just think of when you host your first Christmas dinner as a married couple and you serve up using a stunning array of plates, dishes, cups and pots.

An Active Gift

If you’re always on the hunt for adventure and are the couple who’ve travelled the world and tried out every sport imaginable on your holidays, why not think outside the box and opt for something totally wild? There are loads of options for day and weekend events where you can try out a random activity; learn the secrets of the circus and become a trapeze artist or tightrope walker, or take the plunge on a tandem bungee or skydiving experience.

Unique Artwork

Any creative friends that you have may be able to design a piece just for you, commemorating your time together as a couple, or simply a really funky wedding photo album or memory book that guests can write in on the big day itself. Those who aren’t so arty can actually find websites where they can personalise a gift for you, such as a ‘story of us’ printed and framed poster detailing romantic details of how and where you met, crazy stories from your holidays and memorable calendar dates.


About this guest author: Wendy Lin is a freelance writer and successful entrepreneur. She enjoys traveling with her business and the freedom she has by being her own boss…

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