Why Buy Jewelry Made In The USA?

whyjwlryTaking its cue from the world of wine, where provenance is a tangible seal and assurance of quality, fashion and jewelry designers are increasingly keen to flaunt their roots and play up their heritage.

While the internet, department stores and boutiques all make it easy to tap into brands native to the other side of the world, there is an increasingly buoyant “Made in the USA” movement. Brands such as Walmart have already jumped on the bandwagon; it has pledged to invest $50 billion in sourcing US products over the next decade while General Electric will spend a tenth of that next year alone revitalizing its US appliances arm.

This patriotic passion is a wonderful thing, says New York designer of exquisite handmade jewelry, JB Star. The best kept secret in American jewelry lets us in on the reasons why it’s important to buy domestic…

1.   Increased Jobs 

The local or national economy may not be the first thing on your mind when choosing a show stopping engagement ring or picking out an anniversary band for a spouse, but research shows the global recession has provoked a change across every corner of the country. While many Americans struggle to pick themselves up after a decimating few years, it’s apparent that cheap goods imported from Asia have come at a cost – the loss of US jobs. In an economy that is still sluggish, taking the time to support local and national businesses by being selective about which brands get the cash is a powerful way to create new opportunities for those looking for employment. Whether this is in manufacturing, design, distribution or logistics, choosing American made jewelry is a powerful step towards increasing US job opportunities.

2.   Better Quality

The Made in the USA stamp is a hallmark of quality. American brands are desired the world over, from cars to clothes, thanks to the inherent assurance of superior quality. The same thinking applies to American made jewelry with brands such as JB Star investing time, care and effort into painstakingly creating, testing, analyzing and double checking each finished product to ensure it lives up the standards set by the American public. This quality is often assured with investment in the latest technology and a rigorous sourcing process which places a premium on the highest quality stones and most precious of metals.

3.   A Positive Environmental Impact

Items made in the USA, including fine jewelry, are subject to strict environmental controls. This means that emissions are restricted, waste is regulated and recycling is promoted. Many of these same standards do not exist in countries such as China where many imported goods originate.

4.   A Positive Human Rights Impact

When admiring a stunning pendant or a beautiful pair of earrings, it’s hard to believe that something beautiful could be the cause of pain or suffering. However, imported goods are often from nations that have poor or non-existent working regulations and conditions with child labor and poor pay common. By buying American made jewelry, there is no financial support or reward for this human suffering.

The paraiba and diamond ring in platinum features a breathtaking 10.35 ct oval paraiba set in a micro pave halo, enhanced by half moon diamonds (2.77 ctw; Round 1.30 ctw) and additional micro pave.

Next, a natural fancy yellow diamond ring in platinum features a beautiful 3.23 ct FLY radiant diamond center, accented by 1.18 ctw trapezoid diamonds and 0.12 ctw princess diamonds, edged with micro pave and additional fancy yellow diamonds.

About this guest author: Dan Globus has worked for many of the top designers and manufacturers in the jewelry industry for the last 17+ years and is considered an expert on the subject of handmade jewelry.


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