5 Tips for Clearing out the Clutter

Jennifer Wilder

78518468About once a quarter, I bite the bullet and clear out some clutter, get some things organized, and give some stuff away. Being a sentimental person, sometimes it’s hard to let go of things that may have belonged to a loved one who has passed away. Sometimes, it’s also hard to get rid of something I spent quite a bit of money on but have never used. Here are some things I try to keep in mind:

1)   Have a giveaway box or bag. Every few months, I pull out a box and set it in the corner of the basement. As things come into my home that I know right away I’m not going to keep—the free T-shirt from whatever event, the “gift” with purchase, etc.—they go directly into the giveaway box in the basement. They do not pass my bedroom door, they do not collect dust in the…

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