Five reasons to ‘de’ your clutter


(in no particular order)

Freshen energy flows

  • Cleaning and clearing forgotten corners does seem to bring new light and freshness to a space. I think feng shui has a lot to say about this. I’ve certainly found it to be true in my own space.

Rediscover forgotten treasures

  • It is amazing what precious and wonderful things can be found hiding behind piles of no-longer-useful-ness. My last big clean out uncovered some wonderful oddments from my childhood that are now waiting to be turned into a belly dance belt (do watch this space… but don’t hold your breath!) My recent stash sort-out has also re-acquainted me with some lovely fabric friends who are keen to be sewn…

 Clear stagnation

  • This kind of goes with ‘freshen energy flows’, but I do think it deserves its own point. Ruts are very easy things to fall into, but they can quickly turn into festering…

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