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Film about tech and LDR’s


Press preview for “10,000km” should be soon #longdistancerelationships #romance #technology

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Summer is in full swing and what better way to spend it than entertaining in the great outdoors? The hands down best features of living in Los Angeles (especially, right after living in Manhattan) are: 1) the proximity to the ocean, and 2) the ease in living and flow from indoor to outdoor spaces.

For years, the hubs and I (I’ll now call him P, as I always do), burned our brain cells, eyeballs and dexterity staying locked up all summer long grinding away in front of our computers at our respective jobs. We miraculously always managed to take a few vacations here and there, but it was never quite enough to satiate our passion for being out and about with sunshine on our faces. These days in L.A., we’re discovering exquisite pleasure in a more indoor/outdoor life balance, which I had all but forgotten from my earlier years of living here. In truth, I…

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5 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home-Sweet-Home.

Ordinary Adventures

I’ve lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for the past year and a half. Over a year of that has been with Drew. As much as I love our little home, sometimes it feels a slightly cramped and way too much like a rental. Since I’ve moved in, I have taken strides to make our small apartment as homey as I can. And over the past months, I’ve discovered a few things that help make it feel like home sweet home.

1. Make the bed. Growing up, this was one of my least favorite chores. Every morning I had to make my bed, line up the pillows, and smooth out the quilt. When I moved out I stopped doing the silly tradition, but it didn’t take long for me to feel disorganized and messy. Doing something as simple as making the bed every morning makes your bedroom…

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CEO Daily: Wednesday, June 10


Jack Ma says his life has gotten much worse since last year’s IPO made him the richest man in China. “If I had another life,” he told the Economic Club of New York yesterday, “I would keep my company private.”

That’s a sentiment he shares with most of his American counterparts. Our survey of Fortune 500 CEOs this year found that 84% of them agreed with the statement: “It would be easier to manage my company if it were a private company.”

One reason for that may be that if you are a private company, you get to make up numbers. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that many startups are wooing investors by touting things like “bookings,” “billings” and “annual recurring revenues” that bear little relation to actual revenues under generally accepted accounting principles. The Journal compared sales figures and projections made by 50 tech companies when…

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Top 10 Fashionable Men On Instagram

Toronto Paradise

Male celebrities have really been raising the bar when it comes to fashion and style.

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Good colors in this look. Do you agree?

I like the colors here, but as for the jacket, well, I’ve seen better. But I will say: It looks good on this guy and goes great with his hair. The pants are about 2 and half inches too high I feel

The Golden Dapper

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