Dolphin Browser brings out your best – in a fun way!

Simply said, Dolphin Browser rocks.  These are some gestures I created. If you don’t know what Dolphin is, I’ll give you a summary. It’s a browser that responds to custom commands! It brings out the grade-school kid in you, but at the same time makes you more efficient as a working adult! What a blend!! 🙂 Look at the images here and you’ll be clear. Dolphin Browser simplifies your time on the internet. If you love efficiency like I do, you really need to look into what Dolphin can do for you.  I had never heard of it until about five weeks ago, then I did, then started coming across lots of positive feedback about it on the internet, so I looked it up on Google Play. It’s now on my Android smartphone, pinned to the permanent bar.

It took me awhile to figure out the best gestures for tab switching and for closing the current tab. For the latter, I went with the obvious, but went with CLOS — I was pretty sure I’d be too slow to gesture-spell the whole word, so the E was dropped on purpose (on porpoise?? 🙂 ). The spoon shapes I created for tab switching are my most-used and favorite — These three tab managers work successfully 100% of the time. I tested other gestures but these really are the best for me and are simple to draw with my thumb while the phone rests on the other fingers.  I also use the 3 gesture often to make sure I don’t have lots of browser windows open; just a preference. The heart shape to add a bookmark was probably my first creation after I read the Dolphin homepage, because it’s suggested there. W with a line on top works great for refreshing a webpage. I think I was thinking “water” and how a pool of water has a flat surface and there’s water under it? Ha, I don’t know, it was an early creation – Creating gestures on Dolphin is a fun, sublime way to boost your efficiency. If you feel like changing or deleting your gestures, it’s so easy to do that.

For sonar, I notice that “bookmark”,  “back”, and “stop” work really well. Oh, pardon me for jumping ahead. The sonar part of Dolphin responds to your voice! So you can use both gestures and sonar like I do, or just go with the mode you like best. It’s really simple to utilize both. I guess I can step out of my comfort zone for a moment to say ‘I ♥ Dolphin!’ Well, I do, can you tell? (And speaking of ‘heart’, I just realized I can bookmark this page. [draws a ♥]) I’m famous for being super serious during the workday (maybe a little too serious), so I feel Dolphin, which has a definite fun side, fosters a good yin-yang balance in me. Hey, yin-yang, there’s a gesture idea right there! Happy browsing!

For more information on how to get and use Dolphin Browser, go to:

Get it on Google Play

Follow @DolphinBrowser on Twitter
Dolphin’s blog
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★ #2 on CNET’s 100 Android Apps for 2011


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