Hen House Linens for your home: Add lively & lovely color anywhere, anytime

Hen House Linens allow you to add joyous, affordable, and stress-free color to your living room, dining room, kitchen, patio, sunroom, den, child’s room, or anywhere for every occasion and everyday, whether it’s Easter, or the fourth of July, Christmas, or Saturday afternoon tea with your kids and teddybear family. The quality, look and feel of Hen House Linens tell your guests “You’re special to me, and I’m so glad you’re here.”

Seeing the products in person, you get the sense there’s a labor of love involved. Created by designer Katherine Poole, the patterns take the guesswork out of dressing an area with color. When you click on an item on their site, you’ll see time-saving suggestions in a simple horizontal menu to help you through. Love that.

At HHL’s November showcase, I was drawn to the good amount of medium bon vivant hues paired with simple bone whites and naturals, served with equal parts of graceful Southern warmth and a beauty of everyday ‘heartstrings.’ Think of home-cooked meals and desserts, laughter and cups of coffee, chats at sunset.
The good life and the souls who share it with you.

Hen House Linens’ use of white-with-friendly-color created a sweet frolic with familiar shapes (such as a modified fleur-de-Lys) in inherently light cotton tones and the main hue of each design. I didn’t notice many pastels or jewel tones. Midtone colors, as I call them, are versatile, fun, and possibly my favorites since I feel they make a statement with ease & strength of presence. So I was a happy camper because Hen House provided lots to see in that regard.

Jenny Davids, who is the owner Hen of the House, shared some tips to honor a holiday in sublime ways with the use of color, placement and proportion – all the while staying clear of too much cliche, hectic runs to a dollar store for unremarkable paper and plastic, etc. Here are a few images; Visit www.henhouselinens.com to see the complete line of finished, ready-to-ship products (decorative pillows, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, napkin rings, quilted chargers, placemats, tablecloths and runners, aprons, oven mitts, guest towels, etc.) as well as all fabric swatches (also available for shipment) and new colors for spring 2013. Soft, cozy, practical Hen House Linens. Make everyday special.








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