**Ultra expanded review: Samsung Galaxy Reverb smartphone: Just some things you can do with it

Your in-depth reporting on this phone is here!

I’ve only used this phone for about 5 weeks and still learning cool ways to use it. So bookmark this page to read up on the cool new things I’m doing with this smartphone. I’ll update as I discover; I’ll try to post in under 1 hour, as an informal test of my skills and speed using the WordPress app (smartphone app named WordPress for Android), somewhat. Each new find will have a 🙂 face next to it!

🙂 If the camera senses you snapped a blurry pic, it will give you a different sounding beep so you can delete it (and it even lets you examine it before you delete if you want).

🙂 Could this be why it’s named the Reverb?
So I changed the music enhancer on the Samsung Galaxy Reverb to a custom setting and lo and behold, there was a slider button visible labeled “Reverb”, so I used the low setting and it gave songs a nice audio effect – almost like a subtle echo with a noticeable richness in sound; that’s the best way I can describe it.
🙂 Specs found on phonearena.com

Also (official specs):

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